Friday, February 6, 2009

8 Minute Snatch

Well, my left trap/rhomboid is better, but now I tweaked my low back today doing snatches.  This is an injury I have never done before in over 2 years of kettlebell work.  As I was approaching the four minute mark on my left arm (1st side) I caught the descending bell with my back instead of my hammies and glutes and knew instantly I was going to have some pain.  This was purely a lapse in concentration brought on by suffering.  I was able to finish the set, but I decided to skip the one arm jerks.  Loaded up on some ibuprofen.  Will see how I feel tomorrow.  May end up having to take some time off to recover from this.  Could end up being a blessing in disguise.  Luckily I still have 4 weeks before the comp.

Snatch(16kg) 15/15
Snatch(20kg) 10/10
Snatch(24kg) 18 rpm x 8 minutes - 1 hand switch

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