Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Jerks

Back into the groove.  Lots of energy today.  Feel like my jerks continue to get stronger.

Jerk(16kg) 15
Jerk(20kg) 12
Jerk(24kg) 10 rpm x 7 minutes
Swing(32kg) 30/30 x 2 sets
Pushups with feet elevated 15 x 3 sets

Still amazes me how aerobic 10 rpm becomes compared to 8 rpm.  I also feel the burn in my legs at 10 rpm which previously has not been an issue.  Really focused on relaxing/resting in the rack and was able to keep my breathing controlled until the last 30 seconds.  I will keep training the 10 rpm rate, but doubt i will be able to complete a 10 minute set at that rate by the Arnold.  I will stick with my plan of alternating 10 rpm and 8 rpm sets for a total of 90 reps in 10 minutes.  Really tried to focus on the index/thumb pinch grip with my swings.  Right hand was better than left, but my hands felt much better at completion of this set of swings.


Franz Snideman said...

7 minutes of jerks with the 24kg....yikes! That is big time!

Nice job!!!

MKSchinabeck said...

Thanks Franz. You responded to one of my college buddies on the DD forum about his back pain. He is really bummed out about things. I have encouraged him to contact you via the email address you posted. It sounds like a steady diet of renagade row, planks, and perhaps some ab wheel could really help him as well as learning to compress the abs during his swings.