Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snatch Day

Why is it that my best performances seem to be on days that I am trying to find all of the excuses in the world NOT to work out?!?  Had a crazy day at work, followed by my sons birthday celebration tonight, leaving me with another late night workout.  Hands were a bit tender from 32kg swings yesterday, but hit the snatches anyways.

Snatch(16kg) 15/15
Snatch(20kg) 12/12
Snatch(24kg) 18 rpm x 8 minutes - 1 hand switch
OAJ(32kg) 15/15 x 1 set

Snatches felt strong tonight.  Grip fatigued on the left, but my right hand felt great and I truly think I could made another full minute on the right.  Still aiming for 180 snatches at the Arnold.  Flights times for the Arnold Classic have now been posted.  I can't wait for the big event.  It is going to be a great experience.

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