Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Warm Up: Rib Pull/Arm Sweep
OAJ(16kg) 10/10
OAJ(20kg) 10/10
Jerk(20kg) 10
OAJ(24kg) 10/10
Jerk(24kg) 10
Jerk(28kg) 8 rpm x 7 minutes
Jerk(28kg) 6 rpm x 4 minutes
Swing(40kg) 20/20 - 1 hand switch

7 minute set went well.  Could have kept going.  4 minute set was slower.  Really trying to focus on breathing, especially exhaling during the first dip.  Also trying to focus on a cue Catherine Imes mentions in her latest post on the AKC Blog - heel on the floor and heel of the hand.  I am trying to forcefully lockout my arm at the same time my heel is striking the floor for the second dip.  When I pull it off, I have a very crisp lockout.  


nate black said...

Now that you have been doing GS for awhile, I'm interested to see what it has done for your body comp, how you feel, etc.

MKSchinabeck said...

I don't have much to compare with. I started really loosing weight last summer training for the RKC. Since switching to exclusively GS training my weight continued to drop. I still think I am in the best cardiovascular shape I have been in for a long time. I have noticed much less aches and pains working the long sets compared to heavy weight low rep schemes, especially in my shoulders. I have probably lost some mass in my legs and butt, but have gained in my shoulders/lats. Overall, I feel great. This probably has less to do with GS vs hardstyle and more to do with exercising on a regular basis.