Friday, January 2, 2009

200 Snatches 1 hand change - 20kg

I hit another goal today by completing the 20kg snatch progression.  I was only supposed to do 8 minutes at 20 rpm today, but I was feeling good and my hands were not hurting too badly at the 4 minute mark on my first hand so I decided to push on for the full 10 minutes.  The final minute was a bit dicey with grip, but cardio wise I was OK.  Now it is time to start really focusing  on the 24kg snatch.  I hope to eventually repeat this goal with the 24kg, however, it may take me a bit longer to accomplish this.

Snatch(16kg) warm up
Snatch(20kg) 20 rpm x 10 minutes - 1 hand switch
OAJ(32kg) 12/12 x 1
OAJ(24kg) 24/24 x 1 
COC T 10/10 x 2
COC 1 5/5 negatives x 3
Extensor bands 10/10 x 3

Once again, I was absolutely amazed at the ease of jerking the 24kg after a set of OAJ with the 32.  Next work out, I am scheduled for double 20kg jerks for 10 minutes at 10 rpm to complete my 20kg jerk progression.  I will need to get psyched for this one, since I find jerks much more challenging mentally compared to snatches.

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Todd Pigram said...

Wat to go Matt! Awesome Job!