Monday, January 5, 2009

Let the 24 Progression Begin

Now it is really time to start working toward my goals for the Arnold Classic.  I will be turning my attention to working with the 24kg for both jerks and snatches.  Today was my first snatch workout:

Snatch(16kg) 20/20
Snatch(24kg) 16 rpm x 6 minutes - 1 hand switch
Snatch(24kg) 16 rpm x 4 minutes - 1 hand switch
OAJ(32kg) 15/15
OAJ(32kg) 10/10

Snatches felt good.  I am doing a much better job dropping the bell from the overhead position into the hook.  My hands are much less tender and I think they will no longer be my rate limiting step to long sets.  I also started to focus on locking my thumb over my index finger in order to preserve the grip.  While training last summer for the RKC snatch test I was never able to do more than 40/40 24kg snatches with 1 hand change.  Today I did 48/48 and could have done more.  I think this is in part due to the slight change in technique associated with GS and more importantly taking the time to drop back in weight and start working the progressions with 16kg followed by the 20kg bells.  This, I think, has added important strength and stability to my shoulder girdle and has allowed me to push my numbers without injuring myself.   My OAJ with the 32kg continue to feel stronger and stronger.  I feel much crisper and am forced to use my legs instead of just pressing the weight overhead.


Faizal S. Enu said...

Impressive Numbers Matt! I actually got to have dinner with and meet Steve Cotter and Ken Blackburn last night. They were telling me about what they are doing at the Arnold.

Are you doing the GS Biathalon?

Good luck in Columbus and make sure you take everything in and enjoy yourself.

Take care, Faizal

MKSchinabeck said...

Thanks Faizal. It has been fun learning the nuances of the GS technique. I also think it has been good for me to drop down in weight and start working longer timed sets. It has really increased my overall strength endurance. Yes, I am planning to do the Biathlon at the Arnold. I am looking forward to the event.

Aaron Friday said...

I'll come and watch if at all possible. Fawn will be powerlifting, so we'll be there.

MKSchinabeck said...

That would be great. Looks like things will be kicking off on Saturday around 10AM. I am not sure of the location however.

Faizal S. Enu said...

Good luck to you Matt!