Saturday, January 10, 2009

Working the Jerks

Rough day today...was on call.  Worked for 11 hours and as usual didn't eat very well.  Got stuck in my driveway when I came home and had to dig my way out.  Despite all of that, I still figured working out would clear my mind and make me feel better.  Unfortunately I just didn't have much energy today and I cut my planned 8 minute jerk set to 5 minutes.  Did I mention that my f*$%#@* beeper was going off non stop!

Jerk(16kg) 10 reps
Jerk(20kg) 10 reps
Jerk(24kg) 6 rpm for 5 minutes
Jerk(24kg) 8 rpm for 3 minutes
Swing(32kg) 30R/30L

Tried to keep my elbow on my hips during the first bump today.  I was much more successful than in the past.  I was amazed how the bells flew overhead when I was able to keep my elbows in the right position.  Before, I focused on using my legs to generate the power of the first dip.  Today, my first dip was shallower, but seemed much more powerful as I was able to launch my elbows off my pelvis.  I also focused on keeping my arms closer to my head with my hands medially rotated 45 degrees in the lockout position.  I found that I was no longer fighting the bells in the overhead position and it did make a significant difference during the descent of the bells.  I also tried to rotate my hands laterally in the rack, like VF in the video in my last post.  I will have to play with this some more, but I found that my hands and wrists really fatigued quickly with this technique as it becomes very difficult for me to overlap the handles of the bells in this position.

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