Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back to 28kg Snatches/More Insights on The Jerk

My finger continues to feel OK even after yesterday's snatching. So today, I decided to jump back into the 28kg snatches. The set went well and I was able to hit 60/60 with very little problem.

While jerking today, I noticed that if I concentrated on squeezing my glutes during the leg drive/extension out of the first dip that it caused my hips to drive forward and launched my elbows off my pelvis. Once again, a subtle cue seemed to make a significant difference in my jerk performance as I noticed the bells flying of my pelvis. Prior to this revelation, I had been focusing on hyperextending my low back in order to launch the bells off my pelvis which was inefficient and led to low back pain. I particularily noticed the difference in my 40kg OAJ today. With a strong leg drive, and the bell flying off my pelvis, the heavy OAJ were the easiest they have ever been.

Warm Up
Jerk(2x28kg) 5 minutes @ 9 rpm
10 minutes Rest
Snatch(28kg) 8 minutes @ L15/15/15/15 ----> R15/15/15/15
OAJ(40kg) 8/8
OAJ(40kg) 6/6
Swing(40kg) 35/35
BSS(2x16kg) 10/10


John Harshman said...

reciprocal inhibition at it's best.

Mark Reifkind said...

I love your introspection on your quest for mastery matt. It's always the very little details, in my experience, that make such a huge difference. you are paying attention and that means everything. well done.

MKSchinabeck said...

Thanks for stopping by John and Rif.

John Harshman said...

Who is your coach Matt? I asked on a previous post, but perhaps you didn't read it. Also, what weight class do you compete in?

MKSchinabeck said...

Catherine Imes is my coach. I think she is by far the best coach in the USA, except for Valery himself. I have been competing in the 90kg weight class. I have had a steady weight loss over the past year and for a while thought I might drop into the 85kg class, but I think things have stabilized.

How about yourself, what weight class? Are you currently receiving any coaching?

John Harshman said...

I live in Spokane, WA, far from any coaches and with two little ones (3years old and 8months) and my wife staying at home, I don't have the extra money to spend on one.
I weigh 230 first thing in the morning at about 10-12% BF. I probably won't be dropping under the 90+kb weight class. I hope to achieve CMS in Vegas. Right now I can get the numbers in the Jerk, but have maxed at 64 each arm in the snatch.
I enjoy reading your blog; we seem to be in a similar place.

MKSchinabeck said...

I hear you. I have been working on CMS for over a year. I started using Catherine as an online coach because I realized that making CMS was going to take some work and I wanted somebody to help guide my training. It looks like my next attempt at CMS will be in Chicago in August. I don't know if I will make the trek to Las Vegas.