Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Heavy RoP Day

Today was a heavy pressing day.  

32kg C&P 5(1,2,3,4)
Bodyweight Pullups 5(1,2,3,4)

This was by far my best pressing day in recorded history!  I really focused on full body tension from my quads/gluts to my abs and lats.  I focused on breathing behind the shield and really concentrated on crushing the handle and pushing my forearm against the bell.  I was surprised how strong I felt and how easily the bell went up.

The pullup ladders felt very strong also.

Z: hip and pelvis

My wife worked out a bit later and did the following:

8kg C&P 5(1,2,3,4)


Todd Pigram said...

Sweet! Great workout and Job...Keep up the great progress.


Aaron Friday said...

Looking good, Matt. Nice pressing.

papatom said...

Forget about Thanksgiving--at this rate you'll reach your goal by halloween.

MKSchinabeck RKC said...

Todd,Aaron,and Dad,

Thanks for the encouragement!

Jon said...

That 32 gets lighter every workout doesn't it? I'm a few days behind you. I'm going for 5x4 on Saturday. It's amazing the dif in strength when everything clicks and you hit the groove. Saw you on the DD instructor page. Did you figure out the RKC forum yet? Max VO2 tomorrow for me. Looks like 2 or three will be joining me. I tried to show my wife some stuff tonight but she still knows more than me. Keep up the good work! Jon

MKSchinabeck RKC said...

I thanks for the words. I haven't figured out the RKC forum, but I still think we will be getting a special email giving us directions. I am amazed how much improved my pressing has gotten with tension and breathing techniques. Keep up the strong work.