Monday, October 20, 2008

Light Ballistics And Trip to Middlefield

As daylight shortens and it becomes colder I have started to focus on returning inside to workout.  My old workout area is in my workshop next to the furnace.  The major problem is the overhead ductwork.  In order to do any overhead work I have to stand in a very precise position, there is little room for error.  Also, during the dead of the winter, the room gets pretty darn warm with the furnace cranking.  Across from this room is a 9ft x 9ft room with virtually no overhead ductwork.  My wife and I could both comfortably workout in this space at the same time.  The main issue is a drain located in the back corner with about a 1 inch vertical fall in the floor towards the drain.  I am about to fix this problem using a liquid leveling compound.  I have also been looking for rubber matting to put on the floors.  On most athletic sites, 4' x 6' rubber mats 3/4" thick run $85-90 per mat plus shipping. Today, however, I hit the jackpot in Middlefield, OH at the Western Reserve Farm Coop where 4' x 6' rubber Horse Stall Mats 3/4" thick were available for $38.  Pretty ironic that the same sized "gym mat" is half as expensive when sold as a "horse stall mat"!  I finished work early today and drove out to Middlefield and bought 3 mats to cover my new gym space.  I had quite an experience teaming up with a store employee trying to fit the 3 mats into my small Mazda 3 sedan.  After much sweat and mucles we fit them all in, but the true challenge was when I returned home and had to remove them from my car by myself and then hall each 100 lb mat into the basement.  Despite this workout, I still had to fit in my light ballistics day:

32kg Two Handed Swings 20 reps on the minute x 12 minutes

Today I focused on a statement that Pavel made during the cert....."rest at the top of the swing".  At the top of the swing, when the bell is weightless, I relaxed my grip on the handle, and found to my surprise that my grip was preserved for the entire 12 sets.  Previously, my forearms would be destroyed after only 5-6 sets.


Renee Yorkievitz, RKC said...

Unbelievable deal! I might have to check that out as well! They wouldn't deliver it with the horse and bugy, huh? Oh wait, that might be another $5! LOL! Love ballistic days!

MKSchinabeck RKC said...

if you go, make sure you have a van or truck to get them home. I would also call the place first to see how many mats they have in stock. They had 9 when I was there, I bought 3 and a guy came after me and bought 2.

papatom said...

Looks like the horse is saying 'hey buddy- those floor mats are too big for your puny car'--what an idiot!