Tuesday, October 7, 2008

VO2 Max Day

Another VO2 max day on my way to a goal of 80 sets.  I was joined by my wife today.  It was her first attempt at the VO2 max protocol.  I was on the hook for 50 sets.  I told her to shoot for 30 sets and was surprised to find her working along with me all the way to 50 sets.  It was a very strong performance from her.  Things also went well for me.  The funny thing about this protocol is that after a certain point, the pain just doesn't get any worse.  You get into a groove and the sets just fly by.  I have really been focusing on taming the arc on my down swing.  Focusing on pulling the bell to my pubis and then hinging at the hips just before it hits me.  I have also been trying to really work on the "hike" between my legs in order to load my hammies for the explosion upwards.  As Pavel and Rif said at the Sept. Cert, the VO2 max protocol is a self correcting workout.  By doing so many reps, one really has a chance to correct technique flaws.


Me: VO2 Max 15:15 with the 16kg (8 reps) x 50 sets
Wife: VO2 Max 15:15 with the 8kg (7 reps) x 50 sets

Z-Health: Hips and Pelvis

Heavy RoP for tomorrow.


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I hit 80 sets of 7 last night with a HR of 152. Looks like it's sets of 8 for me next time. I'm working out a buddy tomorrow who's been patronizing me about KB. Said he might to the RKC in a couple of weeks but he's never completed a KB workout. I usually take it easy on folks but I suspect he will have trouble getting out of bed on Sunday and Monday. Ya'll hitting the park this weekend?