Monday, October 13, 2008

SSST Training

Another round of the SSST training.  Rest periods down to 40 seconds today.  I really need to work on the overhead hand-hand switch before the weather gets to bad to workout outside.  I don't want to be dropping my 24kg in the basement.  I have already done it 2 winters ago and still have a hole in the rug to prove it!!!

24kg snatch 10L/10R with 40 seconds rest between sets x 12 sets  (24o snatches)

My wife did:
8kg snatch 10L/10R with 40 second rest x 5 sets
12kg snatch 10L/10R with 40 seconds rest x 5 sets.


Todd Pigram said...

Nice.. Both of you keep up the good work...


MKSchinabeck RKC said...

Thanks Todd. How is your soreness?

Todd Pigram said...

My inner quads were tender, however, I went on with the routine. I died at 265 reps. I will be doing it again on Wednesday. i hope to improve. I don't feel it today. It would be easier if i had some 16kgs.
Talk to you soon.


Renee Yorkievitz, RKC said...

Great job to you and your wife! Isn't it nice to have a training partner at home? Your wife is doing great with the 12kg snatches too! I worked pistols this w/e...not pretty. I also began RoP (unilaterally) from the ETK workbook for some better structure in my routine.