Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ride The Lightning

Flash back 1 year ago.........(scene: me at high fashion men's store having large amounts of work clothing tailored)  Tailor: How does this feel? (as he pulls in the waist of the pants for marking)
Me: Feels good.  Tailor:  Are you planning to loose any more weight?  Me: No, I think I am at my natural weight. (I used to be an offensive lineman in college tipping the scales at about 260.  15 years later I was down to 215).  

Shortly thereafter I met then RKC Team Leader Doug Nepodal.  With his encouragement I committed to attending the RKC certification.  I spent the following 10 months working like a dog, focused on my goal of passing the RKC cert.  As an unintended side effect, I gradually lost 15 lbs and slowly developed the kettlebell physique.....bigger shoulders and lats, stronger core, and by golly abdominal muscles actually became visible!  Oh Yeah, one more work clothes no longer fit!!!!

Earlier this evening: (scene: me at high fashion men's clothing store having all the trousers purchased last year refit)  Tailor:  How does this feel?  (as he pulls in the waist of the pants)  Me:  Great!  Tailor:  Do plan to loose anymore weight?  (I used to weigh 215 one year ago, now after 10 months of regular, committed kettlebells I am down to 200 lbs without any specific dieting).  Me:  I don't know!!!!

I am a human experiment......kettlebells work!

Today was a VO2 Max day.  Life has been extremely hectic.  My wife has received a significant promotion at work.  We are now juggling our careers to make things work.  I am up at 5AM and out the door so I can be home for the bus at 3:30PM.  My wife's hours have become more unpredictable, this week has been pretty bad with her not getting home until 7PM or later.  Working out has become more difficult, but even more important as it is the one thing that clears my mind.  Today was no exception.  It would have been easy to go to bed at 8:30 tonight, but I have to keep up with Rif who hit the elusive 80 sets earlier this week.  On tap tonight was 60 sets.  With Metallica's Ride the Lightning blaring I did the following:

16kg VO2 Max 15:15 (8reps) x 60 sets - finishing heart rate 170

I did well until the last 10 sets when I began to feel my heart rate start to pick up.  Next week is 70 sets and the following week I will hit 80.

Friday morning my wife did her 8kg VO2 Max 15:15 (7 reps)  x 60 reps......she is a machine!!


Todd Pigram said...

Awesome! Metallica is just darn good KB music. I posted a question to Renee, Nate and yourself on my blog. If you have time, could you answer?
Tell you wife congrats on the promotion.

Take care,

Renee Yorkievitz, RKC said...

Amazing work! You are a machine!