Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Light Day

Today was a light ballistics day according to my new schedule.  On the docket was 12 minutes of swings....Hardstyle!

32kg 1 arm Swing 10L/10R on 1 minute x 12 sets.

These always get my heart rate pumping.  I started using my new breathing techniques picked up at the cert and my kids were looking at me like I was crazy.  Quick inhale through the nose at the bottom and quick exhale through the nose (breathe behind the shield) at the top.  Snot was flying for the first couple sets until I could run for some tissue.  (Note to self.....blow nose before swinging!!!)  Back is feeling fine today.  Also took the Dremmel tool to my kettlebell handles.  All paint has been removed from my DragonDoor bells.  In my opinion this makes a big difference.  The handle is much smoother and easier on the hands.

Tonight: Z-Health foot,ankle,knee

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