Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Light Ballistics

Made it home from work at a reasonable time today.  Drove home in a significant SNOW squall. Short workout day:

32kg swing 20 reps on 1 minute x 12 minutes

Started with a few sets of two handed swings and then moved to 1 arm swings 10L/10R.  A few months ago, I really struggled to make 10 minutes of this protocol.  Twelve minutes is now getting on the easy side.  A 40kg bell is on my B-day wish list......I hope my wishes come true!  I could use it for swings and think I should be able to press for 1 rep to meet my pressing goal.  

I truly think the VO2 max protocol is responsible for this improvement in conditioning.  I have now come to a crossroads in the VO2 that I have reached 80 sets of 15:15 (8reps), I need to consider my next move: stay with the 15:15 but increase to 9 reps and work my way up to 80 sets, or start playing with the 36:36 protocol.  Per my 5 minute test at the RKC my goal for the 36:36 would be 17 reps.  Any recommendations from my readers?


Todd Pigram said...

You could borrow my 20kg and restart the 15:15 and work up to 80 sets. i have sanded the handle, so the weld seam won't rip your hands anymore. I am not currently using it at the moment.
I have never tried the 36:36 protocol.

You could also do DBL snatches. i really like these. They get real interesting when doing completely HS.

Jon Alford said...

I got my 20k and my Gymboss today. Starting with 5 reps in the morning. Shoot me an email about the 36:36. Is that in KJ's book?