Thursday, October 23, 2008

SSST Training

Decided to try something new today and work on longer sets.  I am still trying to figure out the best strategy for hitting 220 reps in 10 minutes.  After today's session, I think the best routine will be the following 4 sets: 

20L/20R/20L/20R - rest (80)
15L/15R/15L/15R - rest (60)
10L/10R/10L/10R - rest (40)
10L/10R/10L/10R - rest (40)

Rest periods need to be predetermined so I can stay on the appropriate pace.  I also need to work the overhead hand switch.

Today's session included the following sets performed in the mentioned time:

20L/20R/20L/20R - 3:15 
20L/20R/10L/10R - 2:40
15L/15R/10L/10R - 2:40
10L/10R/5L/5R - 1:30

I rested for 2 minutes between each set.  This was much harder than the 10L/10R sets I had been doing before.  My heart rate was up and my forearms were smoked by the end.  Hardstyle snatches all the way.  I think I will continue to work the longer sets with my new rep scheme and try to decrease the rest between sets.  It is true, the snatch is the Tsar of kettlebell lifts and by far my favorite exercise.  On a side note, my initial 80 reps in 3:15 makes me feel very confident that I will be able to hit the new snatch test requirements.

Poured my second layer of self leveling concrete in my new basement workout room to be.  Should be hard by tomorrow.  I expect that should make the floor level and then I can move my rubber flooring into position.  It is supposed to be cold and rainy this weekend which should allow me to paint the room and be finished.  Can't wait to have the new space ready.


Todd Pigram said...


Sweet scheme and workout. Good luck with your new training room. Even with the insulation, the garage is still cold! At least you will be warm!



Jon Alford said...

Strong stuff!! I hit the 80 in 4:24 the other day and wasn't pushing too hard. 80 sets 8 VO2 last night. I found a fix for the forearm issue(press). Move your grip left or right about an inch on the kb and it moves the position it lands on you arm. Sounds like a cool workout room you're building. Jon